The Story So Far

One of my new readers recently asked me for the best way to “binge-read” posts on this blog in chronological order. I wasn’t really satisfied with any of the existing options, so I decided to put together this page. If you’re new to the site and want a quick way to catch up, this is your best bet: just start at the top and work your way down. You may notice that the categories are slightly different from the ones on the main page. This is by design: the categories on the main page are meant to space out my writing progress, while these are intended to guide the reader, grouping songs into larger “eras” corresponding to Prince’s albums.

One last note: I’m trying to make this list as authoritative as I can, and am including the titles of songs that I might mention in passing rather than analyzing in detail; in these cases, I’ve included a link to their corresponding pages on wherever possible.

1963-1976 (Juvenilia)

André Anderson, Prince, and (I think) Charles Smith, circa 1973/1974; photo stolen from

1976-1979 (For You Era)

© Warner Bros.

1979-1980 (Prince Era)

© Warner Bros.

1980-1981 (Dirty Mind Era)

13071849_1089517571086481_6867921005294556202_o (1)
© Warner Bros.

1981-1982 (Controversy Era)

© Warner Bros.

1981-1983 (1999 Era)

© Warner Bros.

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