(Featured Image: Japanese newspaper coverage of Prince’s arrival in the country, September 1986.)

I gave myself a little hiatus from the dance / music / sex / romance podcast after Celebration 2018, but now we’re back in business with guest Takuya Futaesaku, author of the book Words of Prince. Takki and I talk about his book and his experiences as a Prince fan in Japan; it was a pleasure to speak with him, so hopefully it will be a pleasure to listen, too!

You can check out my review of Words of Prince here on the d / m / s / r blog. You can also subscribe to the podcast on your aggregator of choice (iTunesStitcher, Google Play), and consider leaving a review to help spread the word. Special thanks this episode go to Crystal for helping me track down the Japanese shows you’ll hear during the podcast! I’ll be back soon, hopefully next week, with another blog post.

00:00:00   “Around the World in a Day” (Live at Osaka-jō Hall, 1986)

00:02:39   “When Doves Cry” (Live at Osaka-jō Hall)

00:04:46   “Condition of the Heart” (Live at Osaka-jō Hall)

00:07:10   “Christopher Tracy’s Parade” (Live at Osaka-jō Hall)

00:08:58   “Sometimes It Snows in April”  (Live at Yokohama Stadium, 1986)

00:13:24   “Bambi” (Live at the Tokyo Dome, 1990)

00:16:08   “Batdance” (Live at the Tokyo Dome, 1990)

00:18:38   “Vicki Waiting” (Live at Yokohama Stadium, 1996)

00:25:27   “Let’s Go Crazy” (Live at the Tokyo Dome, 1989)

00:29:30    d / m / s / r Podcast with Duane Tudahl

00:33:55   “The Everlasting Now” (Live at the Nippon Budokan, 2002)

00:41:53    John Blackwell’s Drum Solo from “The Question of U” (Live at the Budokan)

00:47:09   “Xenophobia” (Live at the Budokan)

01:00:35   “Dance On” (Live at the Tokyo Dome, 1989)

01:01:14   Buy Words of Prince on Amazon