(Featured Image: Christopher Tracy’s word game in Under the Cherry Moon, 1986; © Warner Bros.)

It’s been a while since I made a Prince-related guest post on Andresmusictalk–and, to be honest, this one stretches the definition of “Prince-related.” But with Record Store Wrecka Stow Day coming up in two weeks, and at least two Prince-related exclusives on the list of releases, maybe at least a few of my readers will be interested. I’m not making it this year (hence the eight records I’m excited about “not” buying), but if anybody out there is lucky enough to snag that “Little Red Corvette” picture disc, let me know so I can froth with the appropriate amount of jealousy:

The 8 Records I’m Most Excited about Not Buying for Record Store Day 2017

I’ll be back Monday with a review of the new memoir by Prince’s ex-wife, Mayte Garcia (spoiler alert: I liked it). The next “real” post should be going up Wednesday or Thursday. And I have some other exciting stuff planned, so stay tuned!

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